Our Vision

From The Preamble to Our Bylaws:

Affirming our pledge of allegiance to the United States of America, which we serve at all times with undivided devotion, the individual members and delegates, through the officers of their respective member organizations, unite and pledge accordingly: That they believe in God; That they are proud and conscious of being a representative element of an old civilization which has contributed so greatly to the enlightenment of the human spirit; That through our activities, institutions and customs, we may enrich, broaden and preserve the pattern of the American Way of Life; That through ethnic identity and pride we can develop group unity and action which will best meet our aims and more meaningfully achieve contributions to the well-being of our United States of America; That through an intelligent and constant exercise of civil duties and rights, and obedience to the CONSTITUTION of the United States, we uphold and strengthen this republic; and that to make known our objectives and ensure their attainment through the harmonious functioning of all the parts of the organization, the American-Italian Federation of the Southeast adopts and promulgate the following goals:

To enroll in its membership all organizations made up of persons of Italian descent or birth, individuals married to or adopted by persons of Italian descent, and their friends, without consideration of religious or political affiliation, as written by Philippe Mazzei and Thomas Jefferson, “that all men are created equal.”

To organize its member organizations into a federation to participate in those programs duly voted upon and agreed to by the majority of the delegates of those organizations.

To encourage, support and coordinate all efforts and activities of common interest, thereby making each organization more effective in achieving its goals and those of the Federation.

To promote unity, so that the American-Italian community may contribute more effectively and meaningfully as a group to its welfare and to that of our states and nation.

To encourage, initiate and support the formation of local American-Italian organizations and the strengthening of those already existing.

To invite all American-Italian organizations in the Southeastern United States to become affiliated with the Federation.

Accordingly, our aims are: To promote the advancement of education; to preserve moral, patriotic and religious values; to erect monuments and public service facilities; to advance art, music and culture; community involvement; the elimination of prejudice and discrimination; to promote harmony among member organizations; to affiliate ourselves with charitable organization; and to promote fellowship with other regional Italian-American organizations.